The Design Process

The initial consultation is free, during which I listen carefully to the client’s ideas, requirements and preferences, and discuss the budget. This gives the client a good understanding of what's involved.


I produce the design brief for approval, carrying out a site survey and photograph the garden. I then create a master layout drawing including a planting plan and plant list and mood board to help illustrate the project. I also often produce elevation and perspective drawings.

Once the design is approved, I obtain quotes from my preferred contractors for the landscaping work. I plant smaller projects myself and oversee professional gardeners for larger ones.


Site Analysis

The site analysis forms the basis of the design brief from which the overall design concept is based.  


This involves discussions with the client about the likely use of the garden, their likes and dislikes, and style. I take into consideration the age ad style of the property, soil type, orientation and weather conditions.


I photograph the garden and undertake a survey. For larger or more complex gardens a site survey by a specialist garden surveyor may be required.


I then create detailed design, ensuring the project fits the client’s lifestyle and garden’s proportions to create a beautiful outdoor space


The Design

My drawings will give a comprehensive visual representation of the client’s new garden or border. The planting plan will show placement of plant varieties, numbers and spacing. In addition, mood boards will familiarise the client with some of the plants, colours textures and materials that will be included in the design and further illustrate how the garden will look. I may also produce an elevation and perspective drawing depending on the design.


I work closely with my clients along the way to ensure the final design meets their requirements.



I plant up the smaller projects myself and also work with professional hard landscapers.


For larger projects I will suggest professional gardeners to plant up the scheme whilst overseeing the project to ensure the end result meets the client's brief.



I will return to the garden after 6 months to check if any minor adjustments in planting are required. 


In order to keep your garden looking its best, I offer a maintenance service including horticultural advice and thoughts on changes you may wish to makes as the garden matures.