• Alison Murray

Thing to do in the garden during lockdown day 67: do a bit of bee spotting

Time to take a closer look at the nations favourite pollinators.

My knowledge of bees is pretty basic: bumble, honey and mason, which is lousy considering there are 270 species in the UK and 16,000 known species on the planet. So today I thought I would take time to see who is hanging out in my garden.

Catching them on camera is very tricky and I only have a hit rate of identifying one species - the banded white-tailed bumble bees. However it is good to acknowledge the plants that are bee magnets and makes me realise I need far more flowers in my garden to up their numbers.

Honey bees

Honey bee on Teucrium fruticans
Honey Bee on Campanula persicifolia

Banded white-tailed bumble bees

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