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Things to do in the garden during lockdown, day 1: Plants some seeds

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Suddenly we have a vast amount of time on our hands to spend in our own gardens. What a treat! I thought I would use this opportunity to share what I have been getting up to each day.

Day one of lock down and the weather has been gorgeous. However, as someone who is consistently late in planting seeds I thought I would play catch up which has mainly meant I have been in the shed potting on the seedlings that I have been growing in my propagator and starting some more off.

I am fortunate enough to have a heated propagator which creates an idyllic little microclimate of warmth and humidity encouraging seeds to germinate. I have found this makes a real difference to plants that I will keep in the green house all summer, and also definitely increases the germination rate for flowers. If the seed tray is too moist open the vents, and once the first leaves start to appear the lids come off - like the Aconitum in the tray on the left here.

So out with the chillis peppers and tomatoes and in with - more tomatoes ('Gardeners Delight'), my hit rate wasn't good with the first batch. On the flower front I have gone with Astrantia major, Knautia macedonica, Aconitum michaelii and Gilenia trifolata. So watch this space!

I don't have much window ledge space so the propagator is on the kitchen floor rammed up again the bifold doors to grab every ray of light from our north facing house. I also use the underfloor heating as a pseudo propagator . I forgot to plant sweet peas in Feb, so perhaps the floor heat will give the seeds a bit of a boost to catch up.

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