• Alison Murray

Things to do in the garden during lockdown, day 13: have a nose at your neighbours' front gardens

Looking at other peoples' front gardens in your neighbourhood can give you a great idea of plants that grow readily in the area and might thrive well in your own.

It's a super sunny Sunday, the perfect day to take a peek at what other people are growing. The chances are gardens in your neighbourhood share a similar soil type. Front gardens are also often the ones that receives the least attention from householders, so the plants that grow there are likely to be thriving without much attention from their owners.

Do take into account the aspect of the front garden. If it is south facing but hidden by a hedge, it could still be quite shady. And remember you can place a plant that grows in someone else's front yard in your back garden. The right plant right place rule still applies!

Here is some lovely planting in front gardens in my street. Please remember to stay safe, and keep at least 2m distance from anyone else you might encounter.

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