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Things to do in the garden during lockdown, day 17: repot succulents

Winter dormant succulents should be repotted in the spring as they start to grow. They only need repotting if their roots are overcrowded and they've got too big for their pot.

Repotting succulents, Echeveria
Root-bound succulent

Repotting gives succulents a source of fresh nutrients and space for their roots to grow. This Echerveria has definitely outgrown its pot - it's starting to get a bit root-bound. Shake off the excess soil and tease the roots apart so they can easily grow into the newly provided compost not continue around in a circular fashion.

Succulent roots
repotting succulents

Make sure the new container has a good sized hole in the bottom and add about a fifth horticultural grit to the compost to help with drainage. Succulents prefer cactus and succulent compost if you've got it. Pop some compost into the new container, and put the old pot into the new one and surround it with more compost. The newly liberated succulent should then fit nicely into the hole and you can gently add more compost, firming it in as you go.

Echeveria succulent
Repotted Echeveria
Sempervivem  succulent
Sempervivem about to flower

Don't repot if the succulent is about to, or is in flower, like this Sempervivem, it could send the plant into shock and the flower will probably die. This one is also producing babies asexually, so I will pick them off and plant them once the blooms have faded.

Summer dormant succulents like Crassula and Aloe should be repotted in the autumn.

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