• Alison Murray

Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 23: prune your hardy salvias

Hardy perennial salvias can be cut back in the spring or autumn. Pruning encourages branching and more branches means more flowers.

I have been pruning the dead flower spikes and branches on this Salvia x macrophylla 'Pink Blush'. Cut back to just above a node, this is where a bud is forming or where the plant has already branched. It is a good opportunity to reshape the shrub, ready for a super display of flowers in the summer. Don't be afraid to cut out branches containing flower buds, the plant will soon produce more. Salvia's can be easily propagated from the cuttings. This works best with cuttings with no flower buds on them.

pruning hardy salvias
pruning hardy salvias

pruning salvia x jamensis shrub

Salvias are great garden doers. They are drought tolerant and long flowering. Salvia x jamensis varieties like the increasingly popular 'Hot Lips', and Salvia macrophylla can flower from end of April right through to November if the weather stays warm.

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