• Alison Murray

Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 34: pot seedlings on

Potting on gives the seedling new nutrients and gives the roots more space to grow, so you will end up with healthier, faster developing plants.

It is very tempting to keep seedlings in their original pots and plant them straight out into their final container. Once seedlings have produced at least one set of true leaves, then they will be ready to move on, particularly if they are over crowded or their roots are filling the container. They'll grow much better in new compost and a new container that is 2-3cm in diameter bigger than the original.

It is best not to touch the stems or roots, if these are damaged the plant will suffer. If you need to touch the plant do it by at leaf, if the leaf gets damaged the plant will grow another one. Turn larger seedlings upside down with the stem between your middle and forefinger and then put the plant on top of come compost in the new container and full in around the edges.

I have peppers and Verbascum chiaxii to pot on. The pepper roots are getting pretty crowded and I went a bit crazy with the verbascum seeds so they are now really jostling for space. Verbascum grow quite fast so I am taking a punt and putting them into 9cm pots now. They tiny ones may become collateral, but I have carefully put them in another pot together and they might just be OK. Put back in the greenhouse and watered and they should really take off now.

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