• Alison Murray

Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 37: flower up your veg patch after the rain

Adding flowering plants to the veg patch will encourage pollinators for the crops and brighten up the area, and after it has rained is an ideal time to plant out.

The ground is already wet which will encourage the roots to grow downwards and giving the plants a good start. Both the weather report and the sky indicate it is definitely going to rain again today so I won't need to water them in.

Flowering perennials in veg plot

I have spare lavender and helichrysum plants, drought tolerant shrubs that are just loved by bees. They are a little small, but will get more water in the ground than stuck in pots. I have put both along the sides of the blackcurrant and raspberry patches which is a patch of garden with too much visible soil. Next year I thought I'd grow forget-me-knots in between the rows of raspberries. It will make glorious. blue ground cover which will be over before I get to pick the fruit and also self seed for next year.

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