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Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 38: love your lawn

Only bowling greens have lawns made entirely of grass. Most are a combination of moss, grass and perennials weeds. Diversity rules! Love your lawn whatever it's make up.

My lawn is a cornucopia of perennial weeds, mostly clover, daisies, plantain and dandelions along with primroses and euphorbia creeping in from the beds.

I let the grass grow long enough for the weeds to flower to encourage pollinators. It also looks like a river of daisies which I love. I leave all but the dandelions which I remove before they seed with dandelion weeder (useful bit of kit) or else they take over the planet.

The lawn is also mostly moss. Good news! Moss does not grow as fast as grass. My sous gardener is not a big fan though, he spread Mobacter on Sunday before Monday's rain. It's organo-­mineral fertiliser and encourages the grass, outperforming the moss, which dies back, then bacteria munch up the thatch, so you don't need to rake it out. Raking is just as good, you just might need to over-seed.

The thing I fail to love about my lawn is dog wee burn! My hound is super-sized so there is a lot of it. I have tried dog rocks, tomato juice, and training him to wee in one spot, which he only does if I'm looking). Each spring I have a blast at reseeding by raking off the dead patch sprinkle the seed, cover with topsoil, water and wait for the wood pigeons to turn up! I have done this with a few patches, and I am going to seed the rest with pre-germinated seed, which will give it a head start and is more effective. It is dead easy. Mix the seed in with some wet soil-based compost and cover it with clingfilm or glass and keep it at about 15 degrees C. It should start to germinate in around 3 days. I'm pretty excited about this. My family are less excited about sharing the kitchen with a bowl full of mud!

lawn dog wee burn
The Evidence
Dog wee lawn
The Culprit

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