• Alison Murray

Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 39: plant leeks!

Leeks are easy and fun to plant out they're just a little fussy about the technique you use. They don't like to be confined by the soil or each other.

Leeks like nutritious very pliable soil. I mulched in the winter and I have forked and raked it over. Dib holes about 15cm deep, 3cm wide at the top and 20cm apart . If you have grown them in a pot, the plantlets will separate easily if they are wet. Holding the leaves together stops the soil getting in-between, then just drop the leeks into the hole with about half the stem below the soil surface and water the surrounding soil so it collapses in to the hole. This gives the leek space to expand. They might not start out vertical, but they will soon right themselves.

Leeks have quite a long growing season so they don't want to be too close together or they can get rust. Once the stems are about a centimetre thick you can earth them up carefully. This produces longer white stems.

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