• Alison Murray

Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 42: plant out lettuce seedlings

The lettuce I planted earlier during lockdown are ready to plant out.

I don't pot on my lettuces, that seems like too much hassle. The winter purslane doesn't like warmth and is bolting so that will be this week's lunch. I've swapped them for the biggest lettuces seedlings, a few of the smaller seedlings I have stuffed back into the greenhouse in a container. The rest is collateral. As the winter lettuces (Black Seeded Simpson and Winter Gem) get picked I will direct sow Little Gem and other varieties. I'll also plant some wild rocket direct today to spice up my salads a bit.

planting lettuce seedlings
planting lettuce seedlings

I've distributed wild garlic leaves around as a slug deterrent avoiding using any of the seeds. Wild garlic germinates easily and has total world domination on its agenda.

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