• Alison Murray

Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 49: mulch veg with grass cuttings

Grass cuttings make a good mulch, for sturdy veg like leeks and brassicas. It keeps the weeds down and the water in.

With my green bins full to the brim I am now mulching some of my veg with grass cuttings. About 5-10cm should keep the weeds at bay and prevent moisture loss. I do this in stages so the grass doesn't stay in one big clog. I am also careful not to mulch right to the edge of the plants so only mulch brassicas and leeks where there is a decent amount of space between plants and I don't need to faff around.

I don't mulch any of the more tender veg such as lettuce with grass cuttings. I don't want grass in my salad and it can attract slugs if it rains a lot. On raised beds in dry Cambridge this is not a problem.

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