• Alison Murray

Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 61: move container grown veg into their final pots.

Time to put the veg into their final growing positions and tidy up the greenhouse ready for the big growth spurt.

I have used a mix of peat-free compost and home made stuff, with some chicken manure pellets mixed in. It is worth leaving a good gap at the top of the containers so you can add manure for hungry monkeys in the future. I spread the plants around so I don't have a mass of one type in any one area, this reduces the chance of pests and diseases spreading. It is also worth staking now to avoid having to jam the canes into the root-mass when the plants are bigger.

I've removed the lower branches on the tomatoes and popped the wonky ones with the first few centimetres of their stems down in the soil as they will go on to produce more roots out of the submerged stems and make for sturdier plants. I've also got, peppers of various sorts, including my favourite - padrons (yum!), cucumbers and aubergine. Now it is just a question of keeping them watered and fed once a week.

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