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Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 55: a spot of container gardening

Time to fill up those containers ready for summer flowering plants.

container gardening
Container gardening

I use a mix of peat free multipurpose compost and home made with a handful of chicken manure pellets as a substitute for slow release fertiliser (which I have run out of) so I will feed my plants regularly throughout the summer.

The chimney pots have pot balanced inside, with Salvia 'Blue Note', and Calibrachoa 'Noa Snow' from my local nursery. Inevitably I got my pots muddled last autumn, it will be a delight to discover if the container with the Lobelia 'Cascade' in it harbours salvia 'Rose Queen', or 'Viola Klose'!

They are not spectacular now, but once the salvia's have raised their sleepy stems they will look wonderful. Some friends gave me the gorgeous Senetti for my Birthday which will look great with the tumbling Bacopa.

Do take a look at my pre-lockdown (yes there was such a time) blog on 'Secrets of Container Planting'

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