• Alison Murray

Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 66: feed on Fridays.

Many plants will benefit from a liquid feed over the summer months to keep them in tip top condition. I feed on Fridays - the alliteration helps me remember.

Giving plants a dose of liquid feed helps them bump up their foliage early on in the summer and boosts their flower power. More foliage and flowers = more fruit, more loveliness and more pollinators.

Liquid feed is high in the 'Big 3': nitrogen, phosphates and potassium. These are petty much the fundamentals of plant nutrition. In a nutshell, Nitrogen is the staple and plants need more of this than any other nutrient. It's key to protein production and photosynthesis, essential for healthy foliage and crop production. Phosphorous is also a main player in the photosynthesis game - keeping those leaves green and roots healthy; and potassium has a more indirect role, it's important in enzyme production, assisting with the conversion of sugars to starch and also in the plants' defence against extremes in weather, and disease. Like humans if plants don't have a balanced diet, it all goes Pete Tong.

There is a strict order to the feeding regime. Anything in a container has a limited source of nutrients and will need a boost. The veg are first up, particularly the hungry monkeys, i.e. those inhabitants of the greenhouse, like tomatoes and cucs, then fruit and veg in containers, such as the blueberries, and finally the ornamentals in pots. I'm a bit of a one trick pony on this one and use the same all round liquid feed for all. Whether is is ornamental or you are going to eat it, plants all need a healthy diet.

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