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Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 59: want drought tolerant plants? Think silver-leaved

Updated: May 23, 2020

We are having to adapt our garden design and planting to suit ever hotter weather, silver-leaved plants do really well in times of drought.

Potentilla fruticans and Cerastium tomentosum
Cerastium tomentosum
Teucrium fruticans is a good drought tolerant shrub
Teucrium fruticans

Silver, felty leaved plants are normally astonishingly drought tolerant. Their slightly furry leaves tend to have teeny tiny hairs on them to hold the moisture in and their paler colour reflects the light which helps to keep them cool. Snow in summer, Cerastium tomentosum, is really good evergreen ground cover, an alpine, that will tolerate both freezing and dry hot weather, and although a bit of a thug the mediterranean super-bloomer, Teucrium fruticans just keeps on giving all summer. Although not quite yet in flower the lavender and dust y miller, Senecio cineraria never need watering. Admittedly the lavender and teucrium are looking rather green, but like us they turn grey as they age.

drought tolerant lavender
Senecio cineraria

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