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Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 62: grow up!

Squash will merrily grow up a vertical support saving space for more planting in the veg patch. It is also fun to try your hand at making a willow arch.

Today was my first ever attempt at creating a willow arches to grow the squash up. They won't win any prizes - it was a two person job and no easy task, but I take pride in the fact that they appear to be wobbly enough to be earthquake-proof and seemingly strong enough to hold up 4 squash plants. I just hope that when fully laden, they'll be windproof too. I would never have tried this if we had not been in lockdown.

The willow came from talented @TimRadford at Foxcotte Fencing / Wonderwood Willow. His colleague Lawrence kindly cut it on Monday. Tim is super-talented at willow weaving and can created just about anything from a bundle of sticks. He made the curved hurdles at Cambridge University Botanic Garden for the Plant Circadian Rhythm beds I designed. Check them out when they are next open. The Botanic Garden also do various lovely willow weaving courses which I obviously need to go on!

Plant Circadian Rhythm beds at Cambridge University Botanic Garden
Plant circadian rhythm beds at Cambridge University Botanic Garden

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