• Alison Murray

Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 68: Chill out, read a garden related novel

There is a plethora of garden and horticulture novels just waiting to be read on a sunny day in the garden.

I am a sucker for books and have a shelf heaving with garden design and gardening books, but nothing beats a good novel. I am currently reading 'The Botanist's Daughter' by Kayte Nun, and what better place to do it than in the hammock between two apple trees. Gardening books that transport me to another country or style of garden are very captivating during lockdown, which The Botanists Daughter does beautifully. I also enjoyed The Savage Garden by Mark Mills set in a gorgeous Italian garden and The Seed Collector by Scarlett Thomas.

Plant fiction does not have to be highbrow, two of my all time favourites are Tom's Midnight Garden by Elizabeth Pearce and the Children of green Knowe by Lucy M Boston (anything with topiary in it!).

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