• Alison Murray

Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 75: sow, sow, sow.

Succession sowing is extends the crop throughout the summer. Having the foresight to save the space is another matter. Sowing when you know it is going to rain will get the seeds off to a better start than the post sowing splash with a watering can.

succession sowing
succession sowing

As we munch through the lettuces I succession sow behind them. My winter crop went in between the shallots, which are now too big for any more, so I muscle in new seeds where the gaps are large enough. I get through lettuces at an enormous rate, so I normally sow a few undercover as an insurance measure in case the pigeons or mice go for the new leaves. I have also sown rocket in the middle of my runner bean supports. They'll still get enough light to thrive.

My initial sowing of beetroot just didn't turn up. I think the seeds had got damp at some point, so I am having another go, with Boltardy, which are jolly reliable, and a mix of rainbow beet: Pablo, Boldor, Avalanche and Barbabietola from Kings seeds.

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