• Alison Murray

Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 77: plant, plan or visit a wildflower meadow

This time of year wild flower meadows are looking fab. It is not too late to plant a mini-meadow and still get some flowers by the end of August. Otherwise, visit a local planting scheme and plan one for next year.

A wildflower meadow on Jesus Green, Cambridge

I was lucky enough to catch this bumblebee enjoying the wildflower meadow on Jesus Green in Cambridge. With careful planting of evergreen perennials like grasses can avoid looking excessively bare over winter. Depending on how much space you have Stipa tenuissima, narrow Miscanthus sinensis 'Kleine silberspine' added to the mix will look interesting even when they are hedghogged back in January, or even little Festuca glauca.

Most flowers like cornflower, produce flowers about 12 weeks after planting, so it is still worth putting over a small patch to a mini meadow and enjoying the blooms at the end of the summer. I particularly like Sarah Raven's jewel, and blue mixes.

Wild flower meadows do best of poor soil and they also require maintenance: keeping the weeds at bay and also thinning out and adding new seed as inevitably natural selection kicks in and the more dominant plants will out perform others over time.

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