• Alison Murray

Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 80: prune spring flowering shrubs

Cutting back spring flowering shrubs will encourage new growth and pave the way for another great display next year.

Pruning bay, Laurus. nobilis
Pruning Spiraea japonica

The general rule for shrubs is cut back after flowering as many flower on the new growth they put on the year before. Don't leave it too late or next years display wont be as flamboyant.

Cutting back woody growth to below the new final height of the shrub will initially make it look a bit holy, but the stems will catch up and it will make pruning next year easier. Similarly cutting back lower stems in already holy areas will encourage them to branch and grow out of their

My garden is rather shrub-tastic so this is a job that will span quite a number of days. Today the bay and Spriaea japonica took the hit. The Spiraea is a resilient shrub - it's the dog's favourite wee post, so is looking pretty good all things considered!

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