• Alison Murray

Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 81: sow foxgloves

Foxgloves seeds are minuscule - so planting direct and thinning later on is definitely the best option.

Foxgloves at Cambridge University Botanic Garden
Foxgloves at Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Foxgloves are great June bloomers and fantastic for pollinators. The seeds are so tiny it is a bit of a faff to plant into trays and keep potting on, so I sow direct. I rake over the soil broadcast the seeds and water in. Then it is a question of remembering to keep watering until they are established.

Foxgloves do OK in partial shade, but dry shade can prove too much. I have tried growing all sort of cultivars but they never end up particularly happy even if they bloom. This year I am sowing Digitalis obscura, they originate from mountainous regions of Spain so hopefully they will fare better. I'll also mulch like crazy with organic matter in the autumn, and increase the ground cover to keep the moisture in.

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