• Alison Murray

Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 87: spot the shield bugs

Shield bugs are sap suckers, but only the European interlopers do damage.

shield bug
shield bug

Our most common native green shield bug has a prominent brown mark on its rear end and dark wings. Inevitably there are many other different species native to the UK and they all look a bit different, but are relatively harmless in the garden. However, their cousins, the European southern shield bug is more uniformly green and rather keen on green beans and runners. I think they are pretty tricky to tell apart as their markings vary as they mature, so I figure, leave well alone unless they are completely green and on the veg.

These two are neither the common or southern number, but they look like shield bugs to me, though the one on the right has a strange sort of horizontal rhino horn. Either way, they beautiful in a weirdly geometric way. I just wish I had a macro lens to get a closer look.

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