• Alison Murray

Things to do in the garden during lockdown, day 9: edge your lawn

A neatly edged lawn can make a world of difference. It gives your lawn a sense of bowling green level of perfection even if it is rife with moss and perennial weeds.

Last week we looked at mowing and cutting the edges with edging shears. Here's how to keep the edges super neat, stop the soil falling onto your lawn, and the grass creeping into your borders. A half moon edger is all you need, but a trowel and edging shears will really set the edge off nicely. If you haven't got an edger you can use a spade, but shaped tend to be curved so getting a nice straight edge is more tricky.

First mow your lawn, so you know what you are looking at. Tread on the edge of the half moon to cut into the turf and lever it up onto the border. Collect all the surplus edge pieces and pop them in the compost or in your green bin. Don't leave them to break down in your border as the grass will only reroot. Grass has a fantastic survival mechanism.

Hollow out a trough 6cm wide and deep with the trowel, this leaves a good drainage area, stops the soil washing onto the lawn, and makes edge cutting easier. Finally snip off any stray ends with the edge cutters and voila! A perfectly shaped lawn.

Cool fact: spades and edgers sharpen themselves. The more you use the the sharper they get!

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