• Alison Murray

Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 92: scout out the hollyhocks

Hollyhocks are cottage garden stalwarts and at their best in June.

Hollyhocks, Alcea rosea are short lived perennials, that reach for the sun with their spires of blousy megaphone-shaped flowers. They are are seriously drought tolerant, but one thing they do demand is sunshine and will lean as far as they can to get the sunniest seat in the garden. Hollyhocks are also no small fry and can reach around 3m tall, and although short-lived, they seeds like crazy and can pop up even in the smallest crack in the pavement.

Hollyhocks deck gardens right across Cambridge. I love cycling round the city to see what colours have popped up in the local front gardens. They come in pretty much every colour on the pallate, apart from shades of true blue.

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