• Alison Murray

Things to do in the garden during lockdown day 94: get the box back in shape

Mid summer is an ideal time to trim box bushes.

I ignore the topiary shears and leap straight in with sharp hand shears, trying to keep them as level as possible in all dimensions. It is a good idea to cut a couple of leaves above where the new growth has started, unless like this one it has got a bit out of hand and needs bringing down a notch. box will still grow back nicely from old wood. I'll probably give it another haircut in September to keep it looking tight over winter.

Planted by my predecessor and bizarrely boxy in form, in a garden that is awash with higgledy piggledy shrubs, it wasn't until I moved in that I realise it precisely blocks out the view of the compost heap from the house. Not a perfect cuboid, but it does the job.

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